At Brilliance Emerge, we will partner with you to develop and explore your potential. We will help you bravely reach into the deep wells of desire which may have remained untapped before now. 


Brilliance Emerge is the brainchild of Faith Brandon. She is also the creator of the Girl Talk movement, which in the last few years has pulled in women from across the United States. 

Girl Talk shed light on women’s issues and has been a nexus of transformation in recent times. For more than two decades, Faith Brandon has been intentional in creating transformative experiences for women of all ages, helping them to grow in courage and conviction, through small groups, virtual experiences, and annual conferences.


Rebranded, Brilliance Emerge is now focused on influencing women in adopting a new holistic vision for their life. We will provide forums and a support network committed to shared wisdom, targeted counseling, healing, and restoration. Brilliance Emerge will help our women to access new vision, reaching higher levels of ambition and achievement never experienced before. Brilliance Emerge also supports non-profits such as LA Dream Center and Black Girl Advocate. As a woman, you will hear the stories and wisdom of others who have found a future filled with light and hope. Brilliance is the result of fourteen years of hard work by Ms. Brandon, who is a multi-skilled motivator and inspired convener of development forums for women. Brilliance Emerge will continue coaching, leading, developing, and imparting support and guidance to every woman craving a new life experience and personal growth. We will travel with you as far as this journey will take you. You are no longer alone. If grief and disappointment have been your past experience, we are here to support and guide you on a new journey into the light.

Join us on a new journey. Look up. The light has come.