We are your partner on the road to reaching your full potential in life, love, and work. As an organization, our aim is to uplift, impart, and help you and other women connect with their best selves. Our team at Brilliance Emerge has identified resources that can be additional help to you beyond your conference attendance. These are trusted resources our team recommends to help all women pursuing personal and professional growth.

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Brilliance Emerge is a home for every woman. We offer multicultural and universal discussion forums for women of all backgrounds, as we pursue personal growth. Our online discussion forum will allow women to visit our site daily to see what other women are saying on topical issues impacting their world and share their own opinions.
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For your daily inspiration, our blogs will discuss hot button topics for women of all ages who are in the process of change, seeking information or trusted guidance. 
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Additional Resources

Your visionary leader, Faith Brandon and her team have identified trusted resources that can be helpful to all women pursuing personal and professional growth.


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